Coming Events

The Scleroderma Association of Saskatchewan has donated $7,000 to the Canadian
Scleroderma Research Group (CSRG) in support of a Stem-cell research project that
Doctor Murray Baron presented at the conference in Halifax. The CSRG plans to hold an
important meeting regarding the planning of stem cell transplants for scleroderma in
Canada. Dr. Baron explains “The goal of the meeting is several fold but includes
developing a national strategy for how to perform the transplants, how to screen patients
to decide who is eligible and how to perform research at the same time to try to make the
outcomes even better.”
The CSRG is currently establishing planning meetings to occur next spring.

On behalf of Scleroderma Canada, we would like to forward a link for a survey they are conducting. In order for Scleroderma Canada to effectively support advocacy and relevant research agendas, they would like to find out what issues are of importance to individuals living with Scleroderma.  The survey has questions about symptoms that people with Scleroderma might experience, as well as psychological, social, employment issues and issues related to the ability to obtain appropriate healthcare.

They would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey (link above) which will take approximately 20 minutes.

Greetings Members and Friends,

Scleroderma SASK is excited to invite you to receive the benefits of a “Snow Angel”.

Snow Angel is a project set up on behalf of Scleroderma Association of Saskatchewan patient members who wish to benefit from the services of volunteers who will remove snow from front steps and sidewalks. This project is available on the JustServe website or mobile app for volunteers in Saskatchewan to match up their skills with the needs of those in our community.  All you have to do is contact Tracey either through email at or by phone (306)539-3291 and let her know that you would like to submit your need to have a volunteer remove snow from your personal property. Once we have volunteers who have completed our application process, provided a background check and been given an orientation, we will contact you.  Volunteers may sign up as a one-time option or on a continual basis.
We hope this program is a success and meets the needs of our patient members.

Another exciting initiative is underway, beginning tomorrow, November 14, thru to Saturday, November 16!
Cheer on the Saskatchewan Roughriders with a set of 2 tickets to the Western Final on November 17!
Scleroderma Board Members and friends will be selling raffle tickets at the Regina Northgate Mall all weekend (Thursday to Saturday). Tickets are $10 with the proceeds going to Scleroderma SASK.
If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket but are unable to make it to the mall, please contact Tracey at (306) 539-3291.
Regards, and Good luck!

Kari Eiswerth (Secretary)
Scleroderma SASK