The Symptoms of Scleroderma may  include:
* Cold, discolored fingers.  Hands and fingers become swollen, tight and hard and the circulation poor.
* Raynaud’s Phenomenon is seen in 90% of Scleroderma patiients.  This causes the fingers, toes and extremeties to be very sensitive to the cold.  They  turn blue, white, become painful and go numb and finally become pink again.
* Muscle weakness and joint pain
* Fatigue
* Shortness of breath
* Trouble swallowing
* Weight or hair loss
* Digestive problems
* Heart and lung problems
No one medication is a cure for Scleroderma.  Many drugs are used to treat various symptoms.
Patients should consult with knowledgeable doctors and other specialists, especially a Rheumatologist.
Exercise is important to maintain flexibilty.  A Physical therapist is very helpful.
Research is being conducted world wide to find a cause and then a cure for Scleroderma.
We have to keep a positive attitude and hope for a cure in the future!


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